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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Two Mistakes for TubeMogul

I received 60 copies of my weekly TubeMogul report today, followed closely by the following apology email:

-------- Original Message --------
Subject: Tubemogul email bug
Date: Mon, 24 Dec 2007 11:14:37 -0800
From: John Hughes
To: 'John Hughes'

You probably noticed that we filled your email box this morning with copies of your weekly report. Please accept our most humble apologies for that. Rest assured that the issue as been corrected and you can continue your weekly subscription with no danger of us hitting you with more than one copy at a time. One of our engineers is getting coal in their stocking this year!

Warmest wishes,

John Hughes

John did not hide the recipients list (I have removed it here), so a large number of email addresses were publically displayed to the masses.

My Photo Gallery is Reborn!

After the recent problems with my photo gallery due to Startlogic disabling allow_url_fopen functionality, I decided to bite the bullet and have installed Gallery version 2.2. This version does not suffer the same limitations as version 1.5 which I had installed.

Installation was a breeze, with some fantastic instructions provided for full installation. After installation, I successfully imported all of my version 1.5 photo albums into 2.2. This worked well, however it did fail at one stage, which I resolved by individually uploading each album separately.

The main interface looks a lot cleaner. The only initial thing that bothered me was not being able to work out how to upload pictures in bulk! By default, the installation only provided uploading via web browser. This was quickly remedied after I located the plugins facility. A few moments of one-click installation, and the Java Applet I was so fond of in the past was back. I was also pleasantly surprised by the fact that there are now more options for uploading, ranging from WebDAV, Windows XP Publishing etc available.

One good new option was the fact if there are no publicly available albums, a user is prompted to log in with credentials. Previous versions of Gallery presented users with a page with no albums on it, confusing many of them.

I also like the fact that albums now display the total number of photos within them, even when they are within a nested sub-album! Everything is looking good so far!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

My Online Photo Gallery is mangled

Important Security Notice about PHP Scripts

If your site employs PHP scripts, please note that we have disabled the allow_url_fopen functionality in php.ini files at a platform level for security reasons. More information about the security issues associated with allow_url_fopen is available on the PHP Security Consortium Web site.

If you experience PHP issues as a result, and your account is hosted on our new platform, you can enable allow_url_fopen for your php.ini file by using our php.ini editor. If your account has not yet been moved to the new platform, you will need to update your code. Learn more >>

Margaret McHugh (Customer Service Champion)

Here is an email that is doing the rounds today. Apparently, Margaret McHugh has a bit of a temper!

Best you read it from the bottom up.

From: Gourmet Food Store [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Monday, 17 December 2007 10:06 a.m.
To: Hayley Johnstone
Subject: Re: Catering - Monday 17th Dec

Get into the real world young lady if you ever attain the position to be self employed you may understand hard working successful business people don't make it hiding behind late floods of emails. Not having the fortitude to call by telephone tells me your incrusted in your sit down loads of spare time job.

Re rudest email tells me you once again you are not in the real world and haven't fully matured but it will happen.You were probably bottle feed till late teens.

I just have so much fun with time wasters. Have a great party shame you will have to pay so much more for it.

I will hopefully be calling your boss before Christmas re our not listing our property with Ray Whites I am sure they will be interested and could give you more to do. And you thought my first email was rude. I expect you still believe in Santa Clause.

Gourmet Food Store
Ph & Fax : 81 555 31
Mobile : 0274 347 199
E-Mail : [email protected]
Web :

----- Original Message -----
From: Hayley Johnstone
To: Gourmet Food Store
Cc: Marg Keen
Sent: Monday, December 17, 2007 8:58 AM
Subject: RE: Catering - Monday 17th Dec

That is the rudest email I have received in a long time.

We will not be requiring your services again.


From: Gourmet Food Store [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Monday, 17 December 2007 6:09 a.m.
To: Hayley Johnstone
Cc: Marg Keen
Subject: Re: Catering - Monday 17th Dec

Hi Hayley,

You placed an order last Thursday and have NEVER confirmed your order for Monday AFTER 3 emails .

You asked for a quote which you were given then queried the prices against the website.Why ask in the first place. May I suggest you read the Home page of our site regarding pricing.

I personally don't have the time or inclination to sit on the computer all day playing email ping pong. Please confirm your order by 9am this morning some 7 hrs before the function begins TELEPHONE 8200668 otherwise I will take it that the order is no longer required the QUOTE IS $9.00 PER PERSON .( at this late stage chicken drumsticks will not be an option Thai chicken cakes or mini chicken satays,s will be ) AND MAY I SUGGEST YOU COLLECT YOUR OWN STRAWBERRIES.

We are a very busy catering company who has given you very good service in the past and will not be treated in this off hand manner business is business. This job if goes a head will be cash on delivery or payed by credit card. Incidentally we are going to be selling our house very soon and question your companies professional practises if this incident is anything to go by. Regards Margaret.

Gourmet Food Store
Ph & Fax : 81 555 31
Mobile : 0274 347 199
E-Mail : [email protected]
Web :

----- Original Message -----
From: Hayley Johnstone
To: Gourmet Food Store
Sent: Friday, December 14, 2007 8:05 AM
Subject: RE: Catering - Monday 17th Dec

Hi Margaret,

On the website your prices are advertised differently?

Can you please send me the pricing on strawberries not dipped in chocolate?

Kind regards,

From: Gourmet Food Store [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Thursday, 13 December 2007 8:59 p.m.
To: Hayley Johnstone
Subject: Re: Catering - Monday 17th Dec

Hi Hayley,

Beef Filo $2 $2
Quiche $2 $2
Sushi $2 $1.50
Drumsticks $3 $2.50

Total $9.00

Large Strawberries dipped in Chocolate minimum 2 per person $2.00 each x 2 == $4.00 9and 4 ==== $13.00 per person

Regards Margaret.

Gourmet Food Store
Ph & Fax : 81 555 31
Mobile : 0274 347 199
E-Mail : [email protected]
Web :

----- Original Message -----
From: Hayley Johnstone
To: Gourmet Food Store
Sent: Thursday, December 13, 2007 8:11 PM
Subject: RE: Catering - Monday 17th Dec

Hi Margaret,

The food we have ordered amounts to only $8 per person. Are the strawberries $5 each per person?

Kind regards,

From: Gourmet Food Store [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Thu 12/13/2007 11:40 AM
To: Hayley Johnstone
Subject: Re: Catering - Monday 17th Dec

Hello Hayley, The price will be $13.00 per person Regards Margaret.

Gourmet Food Store
Ph & Fax : 81 555 31
Mobile : 0274 347 199
E-Mail : [email protected]
Web :

----- Original Message -----
From: Hayley Johnstone
To: Gourmet Food Store
Sent: Thursday, December 13, 2007 8:57 AM
Subject: Catering - Monday 17th Dec

Hi Margaret,

We are having a group of 30 people next Monday from 4.30 pm. (numbers to be confirmed)

I would like to know if you are available to cater for these nibbles please?

If you are available can I please order the following:

1. Beef & Hornradish Bon Bons in Filo
2. Fresh Salmon sushi
3. Mini Spinach & Feta quiche - Please make the smaller quiches or cut them in half
4. Glazed Chicken drumsticks
5. Fresh bowl of strawberries - can we have these dipped in chocolate?

Can you please send me a quote beforehand aswell?

Thank you

Hayley Johnstone
Accounts and Event Management
Phone 09 377 5069
Fax 09 377 6845
Mobile 021 327 310

Some sort of Prank or something

Looks like someone has been using my email address in email support sessions with Linksys.

As someone used my email address, I got an automatic transcript of two chats. Mindless humour.


Hi, my name is Ernie C. (27271). How may I help you?
Anonymous: Yo
Ernie C. (27271): It's good to have you. What seems to be the problem?
Anonymous: You gotta help me alrite? I'm in deep trouble now
Ernie C. (27271): What's your concern Sir/Maam?
Anonymous: I just screwed up my router and it isn't working now
Anonymous: I'm freaking out now
Anonymous: Are you gonna save me?
Anonymous: Hello? Are you slacking at work?
Ernie C. (27271): Please confirm if WRVS4400N is the model of your router.
Anonymous: Why yes of course, how smart
Ernie C. (27271): What's the problem with your router?
Ernie C. (27271): What happened to your router?
Anonymous: I don't know, the router just dropped on my cat and it isn't moving now
Ernie C. (27271): Really?
Anonymous: Uh huh
Ernie C. (27271): The computer that your using right now, where's it connected to?
Anonymous: To the phone cable
Anonymous: My cat isn't responding now
Ernie C. (27271): Is there a computer connected to the router?
Anonymous: I don't know, I didn't bother much as I was saving my cat
Ernie C. (27271): Is the router powered on?
Anonymous: Your heartless corporation just killed my cat and you care more about a router than a living creature?
Ernie C. (27271): Sir/Ma'am, you just have called 911 if your intention is to save your cat.
Anonymous: But it was your router dropped on my cat
Ernie C. (27271): How can the router dropped your cat? Does the router move?
Anonymous: Well it kinda fell.
Anonymous: Off a 2 foot stool.
Ernie C. (27271): How can a router kill a cat within a 2 Ft high stool?
Anonymous: It dropped right on my cat's head and she suffered internal head injuries.
Ernie C. (27271): Sir, if you don't mind, we have some other clients who need serious assistance from us. If you continue to be uncooperative then sorry to say but I will terminate this session.
Anonymous: Well, can you at least reimburse me for a cat?
Ernie C. (27271): disconnected


Hi, my name is Anna Marie C. (25057). How may I help you?
Anonymous: Yes
Anna Marie C. (25057): Hi!
Anonymous: Well, you see
Anonymous: I dropped my router on my cat.
Anonymous: And it hasn't moved yet.
Anna Marie C. (25057): Really?
Anonymous: That was 2 hours ago.
Anna Marie C. (25057): Okay.
Anonymous: You guys owe me a cat.
Anna Marie C. (25057): We can't give you a cat.
Anonymous: But your heartless corperation just killed my cat.
Anonymous: Hello?
Anna Marie C. (25057): Do you have any other Linksys device that you need some assistance with?
Anonymous: You care more about a router than a living creature?
Anna Marie C. (25057): Thank you for giving us an opportunity to serve you through Live Chat Support. Feel free to contact us if you require further Technical assistance. Thank you for choosing Linksys and have a great day!
Anonymous: YOU OWE ME A CAT.
Anonymous: GET BACK HERE
Anna Marie C. (25057): Thank you for giving us an opportunity to serve you through Live Chat Support. Feel free to contact us if you require further Technical assistance. Thank you for choosing Linksys and have a great day!
Anonymous: Don't you dare ignore me.
Anonymous: I had suffered a great lost!
Anonymous: You souless bastards.
Anonymous: It died infront of my 5 year old girl
Anonymous: It was her birthday present
Anonymous: She just got out of cancer treatment.
Anonymous: And you killed it.
Anna Marie C. (25057): Sorry for the inconvenience, if you don't have any Technical Assistance, please feel free to log-in again.
Anonymous: Now I have nothing.
Anonymous: My cat died and my router isn't working
Anna Marie C. (25057): I'm so sorry Sir, if you do not have any other concern about Linksys devices I'll be force to disconnect from this live chat session first.
Anonymous: Well, can you reimburse me a cat?
Anna Marie C. (25057): No, I'll disconnect now.
Anonymous: Can I please have a new kitten?
Anonymous: A cat is fine too.
Anna Marie C. (25057): If you have time, you may also visit our Knowledge Base at
Once again, my name is Anna with Badge ID 25057, thank you so much for choosing Linksys and God bless!

If you have any other concern, please do feel free to contact us again, we are open 24/7.
Advance Merry Christmas, Anonymous!

Anna Marie C. (25057): disconnected

Thursday, December 13, 2007

RSS Feed on my Homepage

Yesterday, I installed a script on my main at to automatically display the last 14 posts from my Blog on my homepage.

This complements the Google Video Bar which is currently showing my last four video posts to YouTube. What would be really good would be if I could generate thumbnails for recent additions to my photo gallery as well.

You may also find that I have embedded the Google Video Bar on this Blog as well.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Google Video Bar

A few months back, I found a wizard on Google which allowed you to embed a videoroll of YouTube videos onto your website or Blog.

The key feature which grabbed my attention was the fact that you could just limit the shown videos to your own YouTube Channel. The embedding option that Blogger provides doesn't let you control this.

After months of searching, I have found the wizard again at:

I'm now looking at embedding the "Video Bar" (as it is called) in my website, and/or on my blog.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Google Analytics Statistics

On a regular basis, I will Google myself to determine my own site rankings when my name is searched for. I believe that Google Analytics over-calculates the number of visitors to my site in Google search. I believe that a pre-fetching feature within Firefox in conjunction with Google is causing this.

Firefox and Google have a feature whereby it will actively pre-fetch and cache your first few search results into your browser. What this means is that your browser will actually load up the page before you even click the link. This results in a faster connection but can also put statistics out.

Internet Explorer does not have this facility. The pre-fetching capability in Firefox can also be switched off as required.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Google Search Implementation

Today, I implemented Google Custom Search on all pages at It appears to function well. I have also removed the links on each page pointing home.

I also signed-up with an account on as an alternative to using Youtube. It does have a number of features that Youtube does not.

Monday, December 3, 2007

ZoneAlarm Professional

Today, I downloaded the latest version of Zonealarm Pro when it was offered to me as an update. When reading through the release material, I was excited to learn that there was an option to control the priority of an Anti-spyware scan.

I looked in the options for it, but it appears to be absent. I'm guessing that this option is only available to those using the complete Zonealarm Security Suite. I am just using Zonealarm Pro. NOD32 handles my anti virus just fine.

My product update service is due to expire in 36 days!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Trialing Mozilla Firefox 3 Beta 1

Today I downloaded the Mozilla Firefox 3 Beta 1 from the Mozilla. After installing it, I ran in to some difficulty in connecting to the Vdeck of Startlogic, and configuring my custom search engine within Google. Problems have been reported by other trialing the new browser.

There is also some information in the release notes which clearly specifies some incompatibilities with some of the major web-based email services (namely Windows Live! and Yahoo!). It also has problems with presenting the authentication screen for my online Photo Gallery. Should the problem continue to exist in the final release, I will need to re-write some of my site.

Welcome to Disjointed Thoughts

Being the author of the already successfully blog, I have now determined a need for a second blog. While my main blog is a logical, time-based history of events as the unfold, Disjointed Thoughts is simply a collection of my thoughts and options. It will also contain items I will reference from my blog, but I don't want to clutter it with. Look forward to some new fantastic content on the way!

This site is for free-writing, a stream of consciousness. Here is your portal to the mind of Hayden!

[Update: I have confirmed that once you create a Gmail account, you do have access to creating a security question in your Google account.]