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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Trialing Mozilla Firefox 3 Beta 1

Today I downloaded the Mozilla Firefox 3 Beta 1 from the Mozilla. After installing it, I ran in to some difficulty in connecting to the Vdeck of Startlogic, and configuring my custom search engine within Google. Problems have been reported by other trialing the new browser.

There is also some information in the release notes which clearly specifies some incompatibilities with some of the major web-based email services (namely Windows Live! and Yahoo!). It also has problems with presenting the authentication screen for my online Photo Gallery. Should the problem continue to exist in the final release, I will need to re-write some of my site.

Welcome to Disjointed Thoughts

Being the author of the already successfully blog, I have now determined a need for a second blog. While my main blog is a logical, time-based history of events as the unfold, Disjointed Thoughts is simply a collection of my thoughts and options. It will also contain items I will reference from my blog, but I don't want to clutter it with. Look forward to some new fantastic content on the way!

This site is for free-writing, a stream of consciousness. Here is your portal to the mind of Hayden!

[Update: I have confirmed that once you create a Gmail account, you do have access to creating a security question in your Google account.]