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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

How to make it easier for your blog readers to submit posts to Social Bookmarking sites

After some intensive testing on this Blog today, I have now added a Bookmark option at the bottom of all posts on each of my three blogs.

The button is provided by and allows people who use social bookmarking sites such as Digg,, and Reddit to easily submit a post to the respective services.

I have never been a user of Social Bookmarking services, however I can definitely see a value in making use of them. The ability to share bookmarks with others, and vote on the quality of articles is great. According to some reading I did earlier today, search engines such as Google and Live! Search will give these sites a lot of weighting when delivering search results.

Time will tell whether of not this facility will boost any traffic to my blogs. I have submitted about a dozen blog posts which I consider some people may be interested in. I also submitted a couple of my YouTube videos as well for experimentation.

When you submit a video to Digg, it appears to take a snapshot from the video for inclusion in the Digg. However, it does not correctly pick thumbnails when I use the prefix. It works when I use An oversight on Digg's part.

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