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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Disabling the Blogger Navbar (Navigation Bar) on a Blog


The majority of Blogger blogs come with what is called the "Navbar" placed automatically at the top of their blogs. It has a number of useful features, however it is possible to disable the NavBar by editing a few short lines of HTML in your blog. Before I proceed, I thought you should be aware of the following:

- Being the owner of a blog, you will unable to use the convenient "Dashboard" link to quickly get back to the Dashboard. If you want to write a new post, you are going to have to go to as you have removed the quick link to the Dashboard.

- Some people like to surf and browse between blogs. They make use of the "Next Blog" link to browse between blogs. You are going to annoy these visitors by removing this capability. You may keep some people on your blog longer but you will also annoy a hell of a lot of people.

- If somebody Googles (or uses any other search engine for that matter) a search term that was shown on your main page when google last indexed your site, but no longer exists on the front page, your readers will not be able to use the search bar on the NavBar to scan again for those keywords. The only method left is for the reader to manually browse through your blog to find what they are looking for. Many will give up in frustration.

- Readers are not going to be able to use the convenient "FLAG BLOG" link if they believe your blog contains objectionable content.

- You won't be able to access the "Sign In" or "Sign Out" links on the NavBar, and neither will your visitors.


1. Go to your Dashboard

2. For the blog you wish to modify, click "Layout" (See Screenshot below)

3. Click "Edit HTML"

4. Insert the following code:

#navbar-iframe {
display: none !important;

between the Blog template description and the "Variable definitions" section as shown in the example below:

5. Click "Save Template"

The NavBar should no longer be displayed in your blog.

Also, if you are running Google Adsense on your blog, check to see that this process has not mysteriously resized any of your ad units.


Blogger Templates - Remove the NavBar

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this azzax even i have a blog and i have tried and this is great i have worked and i have disabled it
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