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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Omnipass + Windows Vista + Windows Update = Problems?

I recently came into contact with a brand new Lenovo laptop (3000 N100 model) loaded with Windows Vista Business on it. The laptop came preloaded with the Omnipass Fingerprint Security application. This application is written by Softex Incorporated.

I ran into an issue with the application after I performed a normal Windows Update. After the installation of a number of updates, the machine restarted as per normal after applying the updates.

Unfortunately, the user is now presented with duplicated user listings at the Welcome screen. This means that, for example, if you have three users, each user will be displayed twice on the welcome screen. This does not affect usability. On entering Windows Vista, it is confirmed that there are NOT any duplicate accounts within account management.

After performing an uninstall of Omnipass, the problem is resolved. A re-installation of Omnipass should allow the application to function normally.

However, Ronnie Vernon (Microsoft MVP) (link) advises that downloading and running UninstMSPwdProv.exe from Softex will resolve the fault without requiring a re-installation:

[Update 09/04/2015] You may download UninstMSPwdProv.exe from NZTECHIE.COM.

If you decide to create a system restore point, then un-install the application, be aware that fingerprints stored and associated with accounts will not be restored when you roll back. You need to use the inbuilt capability of Omnipass to back up the profiles, or re-enroll all your users after a rollback.

In the comments section I have listed all of the Windows Updates that were installed prior to the problem occurring.

I have also located a Discussion Thread regarding the same fault at:

Duplicate icons on Welcome Screen

The main Softex Incorporated website is available at:

Softex Incorporated

I have also located the following post which is written by a Microsoft MVP which carries a significant weight with me:

User account appears twice. cannot delete it


Hayden Tennent said...

Unfortunately, I did not investigate in depth which update caused this fault as a resolution was reached. The update that caused the problem was however one of the following:

KB938194, KB941833, KB941649, KB905866, KB932471, KB941644, KB941651, KB890830, KB943302, KB941600, KB929916, KB941568, KB941569, KB941202, KB943899, KB943411, KB942615, KB942624, KB933729, KB936181, KB943078, KB942763, KB939159, KB944786

Nebula said...

ny ways this will again re appear if you run the windows update again..

pedro said...

window vista is very much unstable operating system and to the contrary window 7 is the most stable operating system till date my same window is working perfect since 1.5 yrs , windows 8 is also all set to release next year i just hope it should be like window 7 in stability