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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Saving Videos from TVNZ ondemand

When TVNZ launched the TVNZ ondemand website it gave New Zealanders a new method of consuming television content through their computers. The site proudly advertises that you can "Download of view your favourite shows online"

So it appears that you can stream a large amount of television content through your computer, and the option to "download" shows is fantastic. However, there is one small problem, where on earth is the "download" button? If you are like me you would have searched though dozens of videos to locate one that you can download and keep for yourself. It does not exist!

The website does not give you a one-click download facility to download your favourite shows. Fortunately, I have located a workaround that will let you download the video and keep it forever on your PC.

One Method

1. Connect to the TVNZ ondemand website at

2. Browse to the content the video you would like to download an make a copy of. The pre-video advertisement will play.

3. View the Source of the page displayed

In Mozilla Firefox -> View Menu -> Page Source
In Internet Explorer -> Page -> View Source

4. In Either Browser on the source display, press CTRL F to bring up the search dialogue box.

5. Enter the search string ".flv" into the search box and locate where it is highlighted on the page.

6. You will notice that a URL is embedded in the section you have located. Select the entire URL and download it to your PC. You may notice there may be multiple ".flv" files for your particular show. You will need to download each one.

You can paste the entire URL directly into your web browser, or you can paste it into any other download client you wish (e.g. FreshDownload etc).

7. Once the file is downloaded, rename the files extension from ".flv" to ".mpg" and your PC should be able to play the file normally.

At the time of writing, don't expect any stellar quality video as the majority of content is only available in standard definition.


TVNZ ondemand goes live @ flog, by Adam Burmister