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Friday, August 8, 2008

Snapper Card - Screenshots of the Website

The Snapper Card has been successfully rolled-out in Wellington for use on Go Wellington buses and a selection of retailers in the area. When you need to 'top up' your Snapper card or USB token you can do so at your local retailer, or alternatively via the website.

We recently used the Snapper token in Wellington between two stops. I have included screenshots of the main pages available on the Snapper website which show the transactions performed. You will need to have a Snapper card or USB token yourself to otherwise see these parts of the website.

(Snapper: View My Account)

(Snapper: Quick Balance)

(Snapper: Snapper Transactions)

If you look closer at the two transactions on our USB token you will see that we boarded at the Kilbirnie Shops on Rongotai Road (opposite KFC) and proceeded to our final destination at the Corner of Taranaki Street and Vivian Street (Briscoes). The site lists the transactions is reverse chronological order. This ride came to a total fare of $1.81, which included a 25% discount that all Snapper users receive.


Snapper Card - First Impressions