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Saturday, August 4, 2012

5 Things Orcon don’t tell you about their fibre connections

1. You can’t have a static/fixed IP address yet. 

2. You can keep using all your jackpoints. Orcon tells you that you need to plug your phone in to your Genius and if you have DECT or other wireless extensions you can use them to allow multiple phones to function. In fact, you can have Chorus feed the phone connection from your Genius back to your existing splitter and distribute the line between all your extensions. Everything works as before!

3. Orcon might provision your UFB connection without checking that Chorus have completed the install.  If you’re moving from Orcon DSL to UFB Fibre you might find your existing connection cut off at some arbitrary point when they consider you should be up and running.  I've had Orcon Provisioning tell me that they did this to me!

4. The install might take more then one day if Chorus have issues piping the fibre down to your location.

5. If you are an existing Orcon DSL customer they might treat you as a brand new customer and give you a new phone number instead of porting your existing one over. You'll have to ask them to correct this.

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