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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Media Center Remote Driver for Windows XP

Windows Media Centre computers tend to ship with either an OEM manufacturer's remote control or a Microsoft-branded one. These OEM manufactured machines all come with the associated drivers to support the remote control.

There are numerous Open Source home theatre PC projects in existence that have a similar media centre-style interface and playback capabilities to Windows Media Centre and Windows Vista Home Premium/Ultimate. The advantage of open source is that you can use the product freely without the need to pay the associated price tag that you do with Microsoft products. My favourite open source Home Theatre PC software is called MediaPortal.

Applications such as MediaPortal are smart enough to work effectively with the Windows Media Center remote control, among many other brands. However, you must have a supported driver installed on your Windows OS in order for it to be recognised for use as a remote control device.

For Windows XP if you are running Windows XP Professional SP2 or later then the drivers are automatically included with the OS. The story is slightly different with Windows XP Home. Windows XP Home (any service pack level) does not come with any drivers for the Windows Media Center remote. If you plug it in you will be presented with a request for drivers for the "eHome Infrared Receiver" that it will be detected as.

I have located and tested the following drivers on Windows XP Home SP2 and they function as required.


Briefly, the steps required to install the driver (one method) are:

1. Download the driver package below

2. Create a directory somewhere on your computer, and extract the archive contents to it

3. Plug in the Windows Media Center Remote control

4. When prompted for the driver, select the option to specify a location and point to where you extracted the archive to.

The driver should then install and you should be working 100%.

Windows Media Center Remote Control Driver for Windows XP [Download]


MediaPortal - free MediaCenter HTPC Software


Brian said...

oh my god I love you, I have been looking for these drivers for ages.

Scott said...

I love you even more! I've been looking for something like this nonstop for 5 hours.

Adam Kochanowicz said...


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Henrik Daver said...

ZOMG I'm so lucky.

TW Burger said...

I'm afraid it does not work in all instances. I have an XP Home machine that will not install these drivers.

I did find this solution that does work:

You need two files for the Windows XP native MCE Remote driver, irbus.inf and irbus.sys.

You can get them with the following procedure.
1) Download the Windows Update "Update Rollup 2 for eHome Infrared Receiver for Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 (KB912024)" from microsoft. It is available at
2) run the downloaded executable. When the Hotfix install wizard appears on the screen... STOP!! do not continue with the installation wizard.
3) run notepad, and open the file named kb912024.log that is located in your windows system directory (usually c:\windows\).
4) on the fourth line of this file you will find the path to the update executable (ie: c:\0d5602f37f532d2198a162164df6\update\update.exe).
5) Open Windows and navigate to the root of this path (ie: c:\0d5602f37f532d2198a162164df6). There you will find SP2QFE. Navigate to this directory.
6) In the SP2QPE directory you will find the irbus.sys file. In the "ip" directory will contain the irbus.inf file.
7) Copy these two files to a temporary directory of your choice.
8) Go back to the Hotfix install wizard and select CANCEL. The wizard will ask if you are sure... answer yes. The wizard will clean up after itself.

You now have the native Microsoft eHome receiver drivers needed to install your MCE compatible remote.

My install required that I use the IP directory under the SP2QPE directory as the install base and redirect the location of the driver files.

I hope this is useful to someone. I looked all day for this solution and it's quite simple but should be unnecessary. MS really does a lot to convert people to Apple and Linux.

Un Paisano said...


Now if I can only find tuner software that will work with this piece of crap HPUSB Tuner


noc said...

thank ├Żou x 2000